About our company

The best way to describe Cumulus1 is a platform and community that aims to democratise enterprise compute and lower the barrier to entry to help fuel innovation in today’s ever changing world. Our vision is to help free lancers and businesses access services like Rendering, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and all the benefits that come with it for an affordable price and in such a way that it rewards our network of contributors.

We have 3 core pillars to our community, our traditional customers that consume services delivered by our platform, contributors that power our network and free lance developers looking to power the super cool applications that they have created.

• We aim to offer customers enterprise ready, flexible on demand services for an affordable price to allow them to reduce costs and accelerate their time to value.
• Contributor’s that power our network, which in turn facilitates customer requirements are rewarded for there time and computing resource and we help them to monetise a depreciating asset or reward them for investing in next generation CPU and GPU.
• Freelance Developers often struggle to launch their applications due to the cost of compute and the additional wrap around services, it is our aim to provide them with the compute they need for an affordable price.

Our team of specialists

Ramel Marcelle

Chief Executive Officer

Paolo Malerba

Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer

Mariusz Lubkowski

Head of Software Development

James Rees

Chief Information Security Officer

Talk To us

We would love to hear from you, whether you are a potential customer, contributor or partner please get in touch and lets see whether we can help you solve a problem