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Do you have a mining rig, gaming PC or high performance device that is depreciating every day? Wouldn’t it be great if you could monetise your asset whilst you were at work or are sleeping? If the answer to those two questions is yes you have landed in exactly the right place and we recommend you sign up and register for the contributor community at Cumulus1 and be rewarded for your hardware.

Cumulus1 deploys a decentralised and distributed architecture that relies heavily (but not solely) on another core cog in our community wheel, our contributors. They are at the very heart of everything that we do and we love them so much we pay them. Yes, that’s right we pay you for contributing CPU and GPU resource to help power our awesome network. If you are a gamer, miner or just someone that has a decent piece of hardware that has idle periods and decrepitates every day. You have landed in the best place possible, passive income is all the rage these day, simply register for the platform and when we open the network up upon our next release, you too can be a part of this win / win community where we all help each other.

If you decide to sign up and contribute, you will be making a real difference in helping us realise our vision to bring enterprise compute to the people. Your resource could be used to help render a scene from the next Hollywood movie or help a restaurant open a new site and optimise the seating plan, maximise floor space and create a richer customer experience through the deployment of machine learning. The growing demand for enterprise compute from resource intense applications, means you will always have a place in our community. Register now and help us help everyone else.

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