cumulus 1 seamless and secure compute platform

With the AR / VR market continually growing as the technology begins to evolve and with the emergence of 5G, adoption will begin to grow at a rapid pace. Cumulus1 is well placed to take advantage of the increased data transfer speed which in early testing, is measuring three gigabits per second under ideal conditions, the 5G speed should in the future, reach up to 10 Gbit/s, the equivalent of a 20-fold increase. This allows customers of Cumulus1 to be able to render a VR environment in 360 degrees and not worry about latency when a user moves their head.

In essence our aim is to deliver a fully seamless and secure compute platform that can be at the heart of many applications. If you think as applications as cars, they may have different chassis’ but the engine can always be Cumulus1.

To that end, we are opening our platform for freelance developers to power their applications on Cumulus1 or build natively and access through SDK’s and API’s. This is a critical component of our community approach and would allow creative developers to launch their applications for just a fraction of the cost compared to traditional public cloud alternatives.

There are so many applications for Cumulus1 and whilst we have CumulusX for enterprise ready AI services, our decentralised network of high performance NVIDIA GPU’s offers customers starting their machine learning journey a chance for them to dip their toe in the water and learn to build, train and deploy smaller models requiring less resource before they eventually scale to CumulusX. Most machine learning algorithms begin on a single GPU before scaling up which makes Cumulus1 the perfect platform for customers looking to be both tactical and strategic. It’s simple, seamless and secure.

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