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Cumulus Render is a decentralised rendering platform that leverages our distributed and highly resilient GPU based network. Leveraging the advent of GPU computing Cumulus Render is here to help customers do more with less. Our IDFS (Intelligently Distributed File System) is at the core of Cumulus Render, it underpins the intelligence that allows our platform to split files (if necessary) and distribute them to the most powerful contributors available at any one time enabling us to render files concurrently across multiple contributor nodes. It’s simple, seamless and secure.

Your rendering requirement is of the upmost important to us and to that end we have built availability & resilience into our system to ensure that if any contributor node fails or powers down while rendering your workload, it will be distributed to another node to ensure continuity. Security is of the highest importance to Cumulus1, we may be a start-up but we have an Enterprise mindset when it comes to security and Cumulus Render, we have partnered with Trend Micro who are a global security giant to ensure our customers data is fully secure and protected, our application for rendering has also passed stringent penetration testing.

We have launched our MVP with Blender, the widely used open source rendering engine but as we continue to build and develop the platform, we will be adding additional render engines (VRAY, 3ds Max, etc.) to enrich our customer experience.

• Reduce cost and accelerate time to value for you render portfolio
• Free up your animators and designers to be more productive
• Contribute your own hardware to our network and monetise a depreciating asset (see contributor page )

As part of Cumulus Render and in an effort to further enhance our community approach we are creating a Render Showcase which is designed to promote images or videos that our customers render on our platform. The Cumulus1 community is growing stronger every day and with the increase in website traffic, customers that outsource their rendering requirement to Cumulus Render will no doubt have more customers coming to them for projects, this is a win / win collaboration and we look after our customers.

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