cumulusx leverage the power of computer vision

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine & Deep Learning (ML & DL) are changing the world as we know it. Businesses and organisations are beginning to leverage the power of computer vision, natural language programming, autonomous vehicles along with so much more to fuel innovation and assist humans in being more productive and more importantly, creative.

However as it stands currently, the barrier to entry to AI, ML & DL is too high and our aim is deliver accessible AI as a flexible on demand service for an affordable price. We want to democratise enterprise ready AI and put it the hands of the people and businesses that want to make a difference, both internally and externally.

Leveraging NVIDIA’s DGX technology allows CumulusX to super charge AI, ML & DL. NVIDIA are at the forefront of delivering the computing power needed to train some of the most intense models on enormous data sets, the power of this technology is not only game changing but paradigm shifting.

Powered by 8 NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs, iterate and innovate faster with unparralled deep learning performance.

• Revolutionary NVIDIA NVLinkTM high-speed bidirectional interconnect for maximum multi-GPU application
• 16 nanometer FinFET 3D transistors for faster performance with lower power consumption
• Performance- optimized deep learning software that accelerates all major deep learning frameworks
• CoWoS® with HBM2 high-bandwidth memory for 3x bandwidth of previous generation at lower power

Here are some fantastic use cases for AI, ML & DL but don’t worry if you are just at the beginning of the journey or you haven’t even started. We have a range of Data Science, Consultancy and Scoping services that will be available to help you build a road map and eventually deploy these services for your gain.

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