GLProUK Design, Marketing, Podcasting

Who they are:

GLProUK is a London based creative studio founded by Tony Gordon and Jay Ludgrove. They work with a diverse range of companies, individuals and brands across multiple platforms to provide a wrap-around service for digital content creation requirements. They specialise in bespoke video, photography, design, podcasting & digital marketing. With their close-knit team of energetic digital experts, they will develop a thorough understanding of a business’s creative vision and tailor packages to suit their needs on time, on budget and above all expectations.

The problem:

When you scope and deliver great projects, you have very happy customers which usually leads to even more project requests. GLProUK are a growing business look to expand and scale but as with a lot of small organisations, that can often be a painful experience.

In their case, more design and animation projects were being won which really stretched their internal resource, loss of productivity and time from designers having to be inactive whilst there awesome projects were rendering on internal machines just wasn’t feasible. It wasn’t cost effective once they took a granular look at the operational cost per hour of

The solution:

The team wanted to look at an outsourced model and move to an Opex subscription agreement where they could be free to render what they need in a flexible manner but have the piece of mind that their work, once outsourced would be completed both quicker and cheaper than their current setup. They looked at a number of alternatives like YellowDog and Rebus who arguably have a more mature service as they have been around for longer but they decided against the traditional render farm model and really bought into the community and decentralised aspect of Cumulus Render. Security was a key concern especially as they have a lot of contracts that are under NDA and with out technology partnership with global tier 1 security vendor Trend Micro and our teams expertise in the enterprise technology arena, Cumulus Render was the preferred option.

After using Cumulus Render GLPROUK have reduced their render time by 300% and increased productivity meaning the business can generate more revenue but more importantly they can now help more customers .

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