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The fourth and final pillar of our community approach is our technology partners, just like all of the other pillars, our community wouldn’t be possible without these amazing companies that are trying to make a difference. Each pillar compliments the other creating a true eco-system of win/win partnerships. Our team benefits from decades of experience between them working with these technology vendors and many more along with both distributors and resellers.


NVIDIA are known best for GPUs or graphics cards but they have been pioneering innovation through their enterprise business in the AI & Machine Learning arena with projects like Frontier Development Labs. They are at the very forefront of our business, their technology is the bedrock of both Cumulus Render & CumulusX in the form of high performance GeForce cards including Titan RTX & Quadro to the super computing power of DGX technology. NVIDIA Rapids is open-source suite of data processing and machine learning libraries developed by NVIDIA that enables GPU-acceleration for data science workflows and effectively super charges deep learning with our platform.

Trend Micro

Trend Micro are a global leader in the cyber security space covering user defense, hybrid cloud & network defense which is complimented by 12 years experience in machine learning. Security is of paramount concern to Cumulus1 and we have partnered and become a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to deliver next genreation end point as a service. Deep Security is at the very heart of the Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) market place for security. Deep Security uses a comprehensive set of policy-enforced security controls to automatically shield VMs from network attacks and vulnerabilities, stop malware and ransomware, and detect unauthorised system changes. We have Deep Security deployed in our AWS instance and with DevSecOps a huge concern for enterprises we are trialling SmartChecker which allows us secure our containers from the software-build pipeline to runtime, through to continuous automation and integration across our environment. We may be a start-up but we have an enterprise mindset when it comes to security.

Arrow ECS

Arrow ECS are a global Fortune 500 technology distributor and they have investment huge amounts time and resource to build an incredible cloud aggregation and monitoring platform for cloud services – ArrowSphere. Cumulus1 are already on the ArrowSphere platform for Trend Micro and will soon be consuming our AWS resource and other vendors. This partnership allows us to benefit from an enterprise grade platform for both procurement and billing for our services which ultimately allows us to improve the user experince for customers, freelance developers & contirbutors.

Collaboration partners:

Our collaboration partners are critical to delivering our mission statement and allow the Cumulus1 community to actively be a part of some of the coolest research programs and projects the world has seen.

Trillium Technologies

Trillium Technologies is a Research & Development company, with a focus on intelligent systems and communities for space exploration, environmental protection and human health. Some of their incredible projects include; Machine Learning for Space exploration, citizen engagement in space, developing the next generation of gear for long duration human space exploration. Ultrascope is an Automated Robotic Observatory (ARO) developed for citizen scientists to help identify and characterise near earth asteroids.

Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd

Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd is the company that acquired the famous Goonhilly satellite station from BT in 2014. Founded by entrepreneur and satellite communications engineer, Ian Jones, the company was formed in order to realise the huge potential at the site. With a vision to create a multi-faceted space hub, Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd is forging ahead in a number of commercial and scientific endeavours. Chris Roberts – Head of Data Centre has focussed his efforts on bringing to life their brand new green and sustainable Data Centre with a focus on providing AI, Machine Learning, Big Data & High Performance Compute services to their clients.

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