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Our platform has a multitude of different applications that allow users to realise the value and reduce both complexity and cost. Born out of the lack of affordable computing power, Cumulus1 offers customers and developers the ability to gain access to enterprise grade, GPU compute and services for an affordable price with the peace of mind that security is at the core of our strategy.

We allow our customers to benefit from our decentralised super-computing network which is powered by contributors who look to monetise their high performance assets when in idle periods, this is also combined with existing high performance hardware contributed by us.

We have created a solution portfolio to showcase the power of Cumulus1 and with our community driven approach, everybody wins. This is just the beginning though, with the emergence of 5G, Augmented & Virtual Reality will start to develop at alarming rates and Cumulus1 is perfectly positioned to help drive adoption with the power of our network.

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